Doug May's Early 3D Studio Max Projects


Yin-Yang Bevel "Obelisk"

My second attempt at a 3D yin-yang.


Yin-Yang Bevel obelisk

00:18s , 8.1M , 640x480 , QuickTime .mov


Helix Approach (long view)

A neutron star and the helical gamma spray.



00:20s , 5.8M , 640x480 , QuickTime .mov


Teapot Helix (loop)

I turned on collision so that the gamma particles could bounce off of the teapot.


Teapot Particle Collisions

00:20s , 4.5M , 640x480 , QuickTime .mov


Photon Propagation

The Discovery Channel piece on electromagnetism from the '90s incorrectly shows the E and M fields in phase, so I came up with a model that is more accurate.


Photon Propagation

00:12s , 7.5M , 640x480 , QuickTime .mov


Moebius Mouse

Something a bit more interesting than the standard mouse wheel.


Moebius Mouse

00:05s , 0.5M , 640x480 , QuickTime .mov


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